A few words about us

Jafel was founded in 2005 by nationally acclaimed artist Amber "Ja' Ski" Watkins with the intention of merging the world of fine art with the world of home furnishings. Ja' Ski is the creative force behind Jafel, and each concept is derived from an original work of abstract art.

Hand woven from 100% of the finest wool or silk, AmberRug is a revolutionary concept in design. Selected works of art have been transferred onto rugs by Pasargad, a trusted company well recognized in the carpet industry for over 50 years. The result is a cutting-edge collection of floor treatments that will breathe life into any room.

Jafel Design Display image Jafel lifts the design industry to a new level by fusing real art with interior design. The brightness, boldness, and audacity of our concepts are intended to inspire the same sentiments in those who would be surrounded by them. Abstract art is often subject to individual interpretation, and is usually the product of seemingly incongruous elements forming one cohesive idea.

At Jafel Designs, we believe this to be a representation of the world we live in. There are as many opinions and perspectives as there are people to form them, and we are challenged to recognize that individuality and uniqueness collectively make our world a thing of beauty. Our company is founded on the premise that art truly imitates life.


Jafel believes in community involvement and recognizes the responsibility of a corporation to improve the quality of life outside the products and services available to its clients.

1st line of Designer Rugs - AmberRugs

Bright, Bold, Super Plush --- AmberRug is the first in concepts introduced by Jafel. Each design is derived from an original abstract work of art.